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Baum's Page Purpose

Baum's Page was originally started to as a service to coaches, athletes, and fans for wrestling tournament sites that use my Computerized Wrestling Program.   My goal has always been to provide quick and accurate information.  As tournament data is printed, text files are automatically generated and formatted for the web and the media.   The files posted are "simple text" files to facilitate retrieval speeds and easy viewing or printing.   Pictures and other graphics are not posted.

I have been involved in high school athletics for 30+ years and have been managing wrestling tournaments for most of those years.  In the winter of 1983, I started writing a computer program prototype for wrestling tournaments and used it for league and sectional tournaments the following February.   In the 2000-2001 wrestling season, the program was used for over 40 high school wrestling tournaments in Ohio.  Since 1995, I have provided computer support for the OHSAA State Wrestling Tournament and since 2000 also provided similar services for the OHSAA State Track Tournament.  (Note: For track, the OHSAA uses a program from Hy-Tek, Inc.) 

In 2001 the Online Entry Form was added to facilitate data entry for tournaments using my Computerized Wrestling Program.   Data imports directly into the program and eliminates errors.  Import is almost instantaneous and entry deadlines are set closer to the actual tournament date.  Modifications of the Online Entry Form are now used for Track, Golf, and Cross Country.

Other than a few of the District Wrestling Tournaments, almost all wrestling information listed on the home page is for tournaments that use my program.   Data from other tournaments is usually posted "as received" as long as it is complete for all weight classes and received in a format acceptable for posting.   The site is evolving for for high school golf, track, and cross country tournaments. 

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