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Online Entries may be submitted using the Online Entry Form at!

  • The Online Entry Services were originally implemented in 2001 facilitate data entry for wrestling.
    • Forms are now available for Cross Country, Golf, Track, and Wrestling.
    • Data can be formatted for import into almost any computer program.
    • The system was designed specifically for the OHSAA Sectional and District Tournaments.
      • Can be adapted for any tournament/meet -- no matter how large or how small!
  • The Online Entry Form is accepted by the OHSAA for Sectional and District Tournament Entry.
    • All team names and abbreviations required by the OHSAA are imported with the data.
    • There is no need to do any manual data entry prior to the tournament!
  • The Online Entry Form eliminates errors and the timely process of manual data entry. 
    • Data is more accurate because the coach or team representative is responsible for data entry!
    • Import is almost instantaneous so Entry Deadlines can be closer to the tournament date.
    • Allows the tournament/meet manager to focus on the meet rather than manual entry of rosters and teams.
  • The system is secure! 
    • School personnel must register and create an account!
    • Only the registered account holder, the webmaster, and meet officials have access to the data!
  • The system is flexible!
    • The basic team roster with all athletes may be entered just once prior to the first event.
      • Rosters may be edited and revised anytime during the season.
    • When the "Entry Window" opens for a specific event:
      • The "event" is selected from a drop down menu and entries are submitted.
      • Entries can be submitted early and may be revised anytime before the entry window is closed!
    • Entries may be submitted to all other events that use for their online entries.
      • Submitting rosters for a 2nd or 3rd meet only requires a few mouse-clicks!
  • Data files are converted to any format necessary for the program and downloaded by the manager.
    • Complete rosters, team names, abbreviations, and all records and seeding details will import in just a few seconds.
    • For Track and CC, the files are converted primarily for import into Hy-Tek Meet Manager, Sydex, or Easy Meet Manager II.
      • Files can be converted to Excel, comma or tab delimited text files, or whatever format is required!
      • Detailed instructions and flowcharts for the meet manager are provided as needed!
    • For Wrestling data can be formatted specifically for The Wrestling Tourney and the Computerized Wrestling Program (by Gary Baumartner).
      • Files can be converted to Excel, comma or tab delimited text files, or whatever format is required!
    • For Golf can be imported into Gary Baumgartner's Golf Program or whatever format is needed.
      • Files can be converted to Excel, comma or tab delimited text files, or whatever format is required!
  • Online Services include a specific URL, Online Entry Form, and web space for each event.
    • Can include posting of pre-meet schedules and other information as desired. 
    • Also includes timely posting of complete results as available.
  • Contact Us for additional information.

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